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UPDATES: 1/26/09 January 26, 2009

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Hiya guys! Sorry for the long wait on updates. We’ve all been very busy with school which makes it hard to release our chapters faster. >>; If you want our chapters released faster please apply! Anywho, onto the updates.

Chibi Devil: Ch.3 has been released. Chapter 4 will be scanned soon. I’m waiting for the 1st Tankouban to come in.

Con Con x Honey: Ch.3 has been released. Story 1 Needs to be typesetted.

Fiance wa Monster!?: ch.2 has been cleaned. Needs to be typesetted.

Kabushiki Gaisha Love-Cotton: Chapter 2 has been released. Chapters 3-4 have been scanned.

Teens Blues: Story 2 is currently being cleaned.

Tenorikuma: ch.2-3 are being edited.


Gyu Gyutto Mamotte!: Chapter 1 has been edited, currently being QCed. Chapter 2 has been scanned and cleaned.

Lovin’ You (oneshot): has been translated, needs an editor.

Momoiro Maji Modo (oneshot): It’s currently being translated, needs an editor.

Youkai Navi Runa: Chapter 1 has been scanned. needs a translator + editor.

Yume Miru: Angel Blue: Chapter 1 has been translated and is being edited.



1. ninian - February 15, 2009

long time no see
happy valentine 🙂

2. Cuxie - February 27, 2009

I don’t understand where u get the downloads or anything. There’s no links.>,<

3. Chiibi - April 30, 2009

Hi. 😀 I took a look at your manga lists, and am applying for the position of translating Youkai Navi Runa. I like this manga and would love to see scanlations of it.^^ I’m fairly fluent in Japanese and have a scanlating group myself! (But I’m the only member XD)

Please let me know if you still need a translator.^_^

4. Sayuri - May 13, 2009

any other new status updates?

5. annchen - August 13, 2009

Where do I have to look when I want to read the mangas?? Is there somewhere a Link or something like that?

6. Himawari - September 4, 2009

When Yumr Miru Angel blue will be released? I like this manga >_<, I hope that will be released so soon.

7. Akemi_Akira - October 21, 2009

i would also like to apply for translating Youkai navi runa. i could probably help Chiibi, hey Chiibi can i join your scanlating group?

i’m not so good at japanese yet but i do have a japanese person i can go to if i’m in need of it.

8. sam - October 19, 2012

Could u plz translate he rest of the fiance wa master chapters stating from chapter 3

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